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The biggest challenge of all is solving our inefficient, inequal, unjust, undemocratic society that makes people slave and damages earth. Hopism iimproves things for people and the planet - probably!

Hopism is political theory written by an ordinary person with ordinary aspirations for life. Hopism recognises and accepts human nature’s weaknesses and strengths and tries to build a realistic framework to create a society of low tax, high social service and low waste.

This is Hopism-Beta-Edition, republished again after a four year break due to background issues. It is still edition 1 and could do with some editing, better english, slicker graphics, some videos and many more diagrams. That will get done sometime during rainy dark November 2014, together with a discussion forum, where this rough idea can be beaten into shape and better written by contributors.

The end result is more useful work done, a happier society and more free time to enjoy your life - whilst knowing that social obligations are met.


Hopism is short and sweet

Hopism is under development, there will be bits you like and bits you dont, maybe there could be different splinter variants. The theory itself is simple and should take less than an afternoon to understand. There are around twenty texts on the webring, each less than a thousand words.

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Capcialism is the economic basis of Hopism. Capcialism is strategically shackled Base Capitalism with efficient ethical moderate social taxation.

Capitalism is a system that can work for the benefit of all when properly shackled by steady organic growth and shrinkage, connected to a balanced social conscience and provision. Capitalism provides over production and accessibly priced goods and services. Capitalism weeds out slovenly practice or poor products. Unfortunately, unshackled capitalism gives birth to loanism and eventually nonetarism, a sinister by product whereby by banks switch from being stabilising benefactors promoting free enterprise into capital manipulators which disguise and warp the true value of capital.

A second negative with unshackled capitalism is that it rewards and fosters unscrupulous practice. For example, a pig farmer giving their pigs the cheapest and worst living conditions makes the most profit, charges the least for his products and wins market share. With those profits he can buy other farms and land to degrade farming practice and ethics. The other pig farmers have then no choice but to reduce their farming ethics or face bankruptcy.

When pig farming is ethically controlled, properly inspected without bribery, then an even playing field is established so that fair and ethical pig farming is standardised. This is commonly referred to as strategically shackled capitalism and is a well known concept. Capcialism is more exacting definition of this currently rather vague notion of strategically shackled capitalism.

Capitalism is based on capital, the capital represents real things such as; eggs, bricks and steel tube. Capital only stays real when it remains locked in focus to real things. Increasing capital, i.e. getting richer means genuine prosperity, more eggs, more bricks and more steel tubes i.e more capital to share between ourselves.

This means higher individual productivity again results in more things to share between ourselves i.e. real wealth through more capital goods. Higher productivity also means we need to work fewer hours to achieve the same prosperity that provides good things to eat and nice places to live.

Taxation of capital then distributes social wealth and pays to meet social responsibilities, so that school teachers pay and a school building can be built with the extra eggs and bricks high productivity generates. The more we produce, the richer we become, the greater social wealth and the less time we work. Great isn´t it? We have now reached levels of incredible human productivity in many areas.

Yet we are still working too hard and prosperity seems to be an ever diminishing goal. What has happened to this increasing capital?

Unfortunately ”modern capitalism” has now totally lost touch with reality and anchorage to the production of capital goods. Modern capitalism and the numeric value of money is warped by many factors such as; currency manipulation, inflation, deficits, ”quantative easing” or printing money, endless ”growth” and in particular loanism and nonetarism. Loanism and nonetarism is controlled by banks and government and does not reflect real prosperity or capital goods.